Mike Hanson | Sonoma Tubbs Fire Victim

Thank You!

Special Thanks
To everyone who helped and contributed to making this project a fabulous success!



Buy A Cup For Mike

Thank You!
Due to overwhelming support from generous souls like you, we are putting a hold on the distribution of cups for Mike’s fundraiser via this website. We were able to not only raise over $14,000 for Mike’s recovery fund, but also gathered words of love, encouragement and support from over 20 cities in California, 12 different states and two countries! The outpouring of support has brought us to tears as we transcribed messages of hope, packaged up donated cups and wrote shipping labels for destinations near and far. We can not thank you enough for sharing your energy of strength and healing with Mike.

We are currently working on a new cup design that will be available for purchase at a local restaurant and at a large benefit event this coming spring. If you would like information on these events please submit your address on the contact us.

You are of course still welcome to share your words of love with Mike via our contact us page.

Again, thank you for your support of our dear friend Mike!

Thank You!